Selvage Dresden flower

Using this book, which was won by me, from ABC blog, as inspiration I decided to use up some of those salvages.
This is a portion of a pile of salvages.

This is after doing some sewing

And this is my salvage flower. I like how it turned out.

A little closer view.


inspiration came out of nowhere

last night after I got home from work I started looking through some quilt books and decided I would make something. It has been a long time since I felt like making anything. So I scanned the pages and landed on the Sarah Fielke "Seasons" tree. I only want to make one of them and haven't decided on a border yet.

here it is cut out and the foliage sewn together

here it is all done. Applique for the wedges and buttonhole stitch for the tree trunk

a close up of the trunk.


Fat Quarter Shop BOM block 12 done!

I really liked doing this block. It was way easier than it looks. I am sorry the 12 months are over as this BOM was a very nice experience. Fat Quarter Shop is very professional and their blocks are written well and on time each and every month. If you are looking to do a BOM I would highly recommend The Fat Quarter Shop!


BOM's in the mail

I got my 12th and final block from The Fat Quarter Shop. Looking forward to getting it done. I will miss this BOM, it was a pleasure to piece. The patterns are written so well that they go together exactly as they are supposed to and turn out great. Since this is my very first BOM ever I am wondering how are you supposed to know how to finish a BOM or what it is supposed to look like in the end?
And block #11 because Thimblecreek Shop didn't feel like sending out a block last month so they are a month behind. I am no longer making these blocks since the patterns are so poorly written. Just saving the civil War FQ's for my stash. I will be glad when this BOM is completed.

I have been hand quilting the quilt Grandma Grace gave me a year or so ago. Because she hand pieced ever single piece I am hand quilting this quilt. We lost Grandma in February and I hope to finish this soon and give it a place of honor in my home. Grandma was 95.


getting a bit more settled

Saturday was a very busy day for me. I unloaded the living room of all furniture, and stacked what I could on the bookshelf in order to clear the room. Getting ready to put in the carpet I recently bought at a remnant sale. A huge thank you to my friend Pammy for helping me get the remnant from the store to my home. That in itself is a choir without a truck.
This is the remnant all rolled up. It was some work unrolling it since it was rolled back wards to the way it was laid.

this is the huge mess (pile) of furniture that was moved.

The first time I moved the furniture back on the rug. I had it to close to the window wall.

then lifting the TV cabinet and inching the carpet under it was exhausting. that thing is heavy! The sewing cabinet belonged to my grandmother and it means a lot to me.

yes, the ugly chair is still there. Can you tell I love wing chairs and only buy off of Craig's list? I wish I could afford a brand new chair that was beautiful. But it's not in the cards. More images when I get farther along. Now the fun part. decorating!


I won, I won!!!

I entered a blog give-away and have been notified by Christine of Australia that I won! I am very excited. I will be checking my mail more often now! Thank you Christine!


Catch up

My Mother's Day gift from my oldest son and DIL. Notice the cute little quilted looking bird. Oh so cute.
Block #10 from the Fat Quarter shop BOM done!

Block #11 from the Fat Quarter Shop done!

And a little table runner I made yesterday. The x's are made from a charm pack, Glory by Kathy Schmitz, the pattern is adapted from Schnibbles X-Rated.


Finished Reading another book

What a cute book! I liked it very much. A no brainer, put a smile on your face book. Chapters are about 3 pages and it goes very fast. enjoy.


A finish and a mess

I finished the little pin cushion pattern from Sue Spargo pattern I was working on. I found my beads finally. but....
This is what I am up against these days. 13 bins of stuff that is not organized in a closet. It is a bit overwhelming and makes wanting to do any quilting a choir.

I finally got the last two boxes in the sewing area and some of the stuff where it belongs. But what a job it is going to be to get it together. Almost more than I can deal with. So much work and so little energy these days. One day at a time...