Medieval torture item or bottle rack?

This is the box that I have been waiting to open and put together since January when I ordered this item.
These are the instructions. It's from China. Notice the screwdriver. not needed, all that was needed was extra patience and some de-greaser as the screws were in a little bag covered in black grease.

This is the finished item all put together, correctly after about 3 tries. The one thing I learned in Jobs Daughters... patience is a virtue, for which we should all strive. More true words were never spoken. And if you are interested in purchasing a medieval torture bottle rack for you own pleasure it can be purchased here at The Beautiful Life. The design possibilities are endless. thread, bottles, glasses, jewelry, you name it and it can be put on this torture rack. Yesterday when I was looking at blogs I came across this item at The knot-y-girls stitchery club blog. check it out, she has one sitting on her buffet and that is what inspired me to get mine out of the box and put it together. I think in the future it may be painted either flat black or bright red. I will have to think on that one. It may go outside and become a bottle tree. I have wanted one of those for years!

And this image is kinda strange, but it is an antique dryer that is sitting on the kitchen island. I love it and can't wait to put it up. I will hang some small quilts on it.

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