A little quilty and some new house pictures

I found the latest project I have been working on, it is from this book,
I have it done except for the binding. Which will have to wait until I get my sewing area set up. grrrr, I miss my sewing stuff!

Here is the new place, kitchen, left side

Looking straight on from the dining room area

right area, notice the glass bricks? they go into the laundry room. a nice touch in my opinion.

and please notice the shelf above the sink. I put some feathers up there but they have to go. How do you decorate these areas? any ideas?

this is the shelf in the living room looking towards the kitchen area (open concept, loft like) another design dilemma. The wavy area is a floor runner the landlord put up there for dust control.

this is my kitchen table set up finally, it is between the living room and the kitchen. Nothing on the walls yet. I am waiting to be done so I can see where things are gonna live before I put any holes in the walls.

from the living room area into the kitchen. OK, the living area is not done yet. But I am working on it. So far so good. a lot of work but well worth it. No TV or phone yet. I watched Simply quilts on VHS from 2002 this weekend. Time for TV!


  1. Your place looks great! Love the wood floors and loft area. In my last apartment, I put colored glass bottles in the odd loft area. You have a window, even better. Don't know if this helps.

  2. Lovely home!!! You must be so excited about it!! Brandie's idea of the coloured bottles sounds wonderful. Artificial green plants would be nice too! Soften the area. Thanks for sharing!! I enjoyed the tour!

  3. What a lovely new home! Those planter shelves up near the ceiling are a decorating challenge for sure. I've seen nice ones decorated with big pottery pieces, large African masks, and big handwoven baskets - they are great for showcasing things. Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway -good luck!

  4. What a beautiful kitchen! It's looking great. Sometimes it's best not to fill in all the spaces right away. You'll find just the right thing to display on the shelf.
    Your little bluebird wallhanging is adorable!! So, so cute!!

  5. What about mini quilts or table runners on a clothes line? You could even get creative, since you like vintage things, and maybe include a wash board or laundry tub too? Don't forget the clothespin bag, lol!