Different set up but I am sewing again after a month

My sewing desk is not at my new house yet so last night I just put my machine on the table and turned it on. I was able to finish the binding on a little quilt I finished an eon ago. At least it is a beginning. I can't find my beads yet so I can finish my Sue Spargo patterns.
Look... it is turned on and I was sewing! of course I can't find matching thread yet either but on a binding no one can see so it's OK.

And here is the finished little quilt. All hand quilted and ready to hang. (except the eye, which will be a bead as soon as I find them)


Window decoration.

Harvest Home by Kathy Schmitz , a finish!
And I finally figured out what to put on the high shelf over the kitchen sink. Something I have had for some time. An antique window made into a free standing window box. I used to have it at my desk at work and have it decorated seasonally. But last year I took it home and kind of forgot about it. It is perfect! This is the before picture.

And this is after I put the lace curtains on. I love the rustic look of the old window. don't know what those smudges on the shelf are. I will have to look into that because I can't see them with the naked eye.


A book Finish

Finished this book a couple of nights ago. Weird good. Time travel with a real twisted family tree. Interesting and worth a read. Not any sewing going on except hand work. I still need to figure out how to get my sewing machine from the last place to my new place as the cabinet doesn't fit in my car. I may have to take it apart and try to move it that way. This weekend will be the time I can do it. I just hope I don't wreck my grandmothers sewing cabinet. The darn thing is very heavy. Wish me luck because I feel the need to sew!


Cutest gift ever!

My good friend Pammy gave me a very cute gift yesterday. Isn't it adorable!!!! I couldn't wait to get it home and put it in my new kitchen.
Doesn't it look cute by the sink? Thank you Pammy!


Good Mail!

My BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop arrived. Can't wait to set up my
sewing area.


Medieval torture item or bottle rack?

This is the box that I have been waiting to open and put together since January when I ordered this item.
These are the instructions. It's from China. Notice the screwdriver. not needed, all that was needed was extra patience and some de-greaser as the screws were in a little bag covered in black grease.

This is the finished item all put together, correctly after about 3 tries. The one thing I learned in Jobs Daughters... patience is a virtue, for which we should all strive. More true words were never spoken. And if you are interested in purchasing a medieval torture bottle rack for you own pleasure it can be purchased here at The Beautiful Life. The design possibilities are endless. thread, bottles, glasses, jewelry, you name it and it can be put on this torture rack. Yesterday when I was looking at blogs I came across this item at The knot-y-girls stitchery club blog. check it out, she has one sitting on her buffet and that is what inspired me to get mine out of the box and put it together. I think in the future it may be painted either flat black or bright red. I will have to think on that one. It may go outside and become a bottle tree. I have wanted one of those for years!

And this image is kinda strange, but it is an antique dryer that is sitting on the kitchen island. I love it and can't wait to put it up. I will hang some small quilts on it.


Crafty home yesterday

These are the projects I am working on in the evenings, I don't need my machine since it is not set up and I can do it at the dining room table.
And I am cooking with gas again.... I love stir fry, well stir steam in my case. Zucchini and polish sausage with onions and garlic. yummmmmm It was a great dinner and will be a great lunch today and dinner tonight. I also made brown rice and it was yummy as well.

And this is what happened to my umbrella yesterday on the way into the office. It was a tad windy. I have to say we laughed and called it an art project.


A little quilty and some new house pictures

I found the latest project I have been working on, it is from this book,
I have it done except for the binding. Which will have to wait until I get my sewing area set up. grrrr, I miss my sewing stuff!

Here is the new place, kitchen, left side

Looking straight on from the dining room area

right area, notice the glass bricks? they go into the laundry room. a nice touch in my opinion.

and please notice the shelf above the sink. I put some feathers up there but they have to go. How do you decorate these areas? any ideas?

this is the shelf in the living room looking towards the kitchen area (open concept, loft like) another design dilemma. The wavy area is a floor runner the landlord put up there for dust control.

this is my kitchen table set up finally, it is between the living room and the kitchen. Nothing on the walls yet. I am waiting to be done so I can see where things are gonna live before I put any holes in the walls.

from the living room area into the kitchen. OK, the living area is not done yet. But I am working on it. So far so good. a lot of work but well worth it. No TV or phone yet. I watched Simply quilts on VHS from 2002 this weekend. Time for TV!


Moving again

Well the past week or so I have been moving. What a big job. Wow, stuff everywhere. This is what I did on Easter Sunday, I unpacked 20+ boxes of books and arranged them on the shelves. Please note the "UGLY" chair in the foreground. That is the most comfortable chair ever and it is wide so my dog and I sit there together. At some point I plan on getting it reupholstered along with the foot stool. For now it is referred to as the ugly chair. No quilty things going on yet, when I can find everything and set it up then I will go like crazy. I am loving my new place! more later...