A lovely childrens book

I work in a library and see some of the new books that come in. This book was with the juvenile fiction and so I thought I would take it home and read it. What a truly lovely book. It takes place in 1899 and involves a family living in Texas. The middle child is Calpurnia Tate and it tells of her adventures with her grandpa. Truly wonderful reading experience, clean, sweet, Innocent. Loved this book. It probably is written for young children about 9 or 10. If you have young children and want them to read a nice clean and interesting book I recommend this one for sure.


The mail was very nice to me yesterday

I won a very nice gift from Brandie of ABC blog fame. Isn't this a wonderful prize? Thank you Brandie.

Close up of the ruler and pattern. Nice!
I have seen this book all over the web and thought it was time I bought it. And I am so happy I did. What great quilts are in this book. Two of them are on my list of quilts to make this year. All I need to get is background fabric. Seems I never have enough of that.

And finally block 9 (I think) of my Civil War BOM from Thimblecreek Quilt shop. Now I am 2 behind. Hopefully this weekend I can get completely caught up on a lot of quilting goodness.


Small weekend finish

Fat Quarter Shop BOM block 8 done!


Quilting books and a BOM

A Valentine's Day gift from my friend Pammy. What a great gift! Thank you Pammy!!!

I have been wanting this book as long as I can remember. I finally decided it was time. My quilt book collection needed it.

I bought this book from Connecting threads. What great projects it has, I hope I can find the time needed to do something from each book.

Block 9 came the other day from The Fat Quarter Shop. I hope to get it completed this weekend.


Red and White challenge winnings!

Allison sent a nice note as well as the package of wonderfulness. Thank you Allison.
Cute pattern!

the group

a better image of the fabric

I received a very special package in the mail last night from Skagway Alaska!. Thank you Allison from Fat Cat Quilts for the package of wonderfulness! The images above are the treasures that were in the package. Two charm packs and a pattern as well as 8- 1/2 yard cuts. Please see Fat Cat Quilts for the scoop on the challenge and images of the quilts that entered the challenge. Wow, were are great! I learned of the challenge from Nicole of Sister's Choice Quilts. Thank you Nicole.


A couple of new things

I finished my cute little needle case. pattern from Sue Spargo
And here is the inside

Also got this book in the mail. I haven't had the time to pick out any new projects yet.


Civil War BOM received

Got my Civil War BOM in the mail from Thimble Creek Quilt Shop last Friday. I haven't had time to start on it just yet but hope to get it done this weekend.


Challenge Quilt done

The quilt on the bottom of this ladder is the challenge quilt. Please go to Fat Cat Quilts and look at all the amazing quilts that were part of the challenge. And what fun it was! Thanks Nicole and Allison!


Amazing Grace re-pete this blog entry was originally posted 11/3/09

Grandma Grace is now in Hospice care and getting ready to leave this world. Family and friends are very sad indeed. She is a wonderful woman and this blog entry of mine bears repeating. Please send thoughts and prayers to Amazing Grace.

This image is one year old. It is of Grandma Grace Gallaway, in this image she is 94 and was on leg one of a cross country trip. Today she is 95 and in the hospital recovering from pneumonia. I had a long quilting conversation with her last night. She has been quilting since she was 11 years old. That is 84 years! She came across this country from Oklahoma to California in a covered wagon. This wonderful woman only has a grade school education but has put many family members through college and has written a book and has 2 more in the works. She is amazing. Anyway last night I asked her the age old quilters question. Have you made all the quilts that you wanted to make? And her answer was YES! So there it is. It can be done in a lifetime. Just thought you would want to know...