Red and white snowball challenge update

Leftovers again is the name of the challenge I am doing along with Nicole of Sisters Choice blog fame. I had great intentions to get it done over xmas but never even gave it a thought. So since it is due this week I decided to start the challenge. There are a lot of little pieces and 480 half square triangles. eekkkk. All done and ready to start putting the blocks together.

on your mark, get set... sew...

I also started this nice pattern over the weekend before I realized it was crunch time for the challenger quilt.

And I thought I would share my finished Gail Pan embroidery quilt.

Here is a close up. I used cosmo embroidery thread to quilt it and I like the feel of the quilt. So away it goes in the xmas boxes until next year.


  1. Your GP quilt looks terrific! Sure wish mine was done but I've got other irons in the fire at the moment...2 weddings coming up very fast.

  2. Love your embroidery quilt! I have printed out the patterns, but haven't sewn a stitch! I have 2 other stitcheries I want to finish first.

  3. OOO, I really like your version of the quilt. I made one and sent it to my mom for Christmas. She has it hanging in her sewing room.