I am honored!

These are the three quilts (amigos)I have made from a favorite pattern. The pattern is called Between Friends and can be found here. The writer of the pattern is Darlene of Quilting Daze fame. Please go and visit her blog and see the nice things she wrote about me. I am humbled and excited to see that I did her pattern justice. Thank you Darlene and the folks that wrote nice comments about my quilts!


  1. It's a three way tie!! I can't decide which quilt I like best!! I love them all! Well done!

  2. Oh thanks ladies! I am thrilled with Darlene's pattern!

  3. Lizzie,

    I am confused by your post on the Blue Moon River blog (Susan Brubaker Knapp). Ads? If you follow Susan's work, you will see that she is involved with each of the pictured items on her sidebar. Further down that sidebar she lists blog she follows by name and doesn't crowd the area with the subject of the latest post on those blogs.

    None of the "ads" are perpetuating marketing - should you choose to click on them you will find that each of them have information about Susan's work. She is also a graphic designer and her blog is one of the most professional I've seen. She offers tutorials and she will help with any questions quilters email to her. Susan is a professional art quilter and maybe you could view her blog with a different lens as you would a blog that doesn't incorporate such professionalism. Not all quilters like the same types of blogs, just as quilters differ in the kind of quilting they like to do. Snarky comments are not necessary on ANY blog.

  4. I can see why this pattern is a favorite of yours...it is quite cute in many color ways.